Tony’s Deli

Out of love for Italian food in Helsinki

Tony’s Deli is an Italian restaurant on Bulevardi, in the heart of Helsinki. Come and enjoy a delicious lunch, an atmospheric dinner and exquisite wines – by yourself, as a couple or as a group.

Our speciality is the antipasto table, which is literally overflowing with Italian delicacies in the evenings. As an accompaniment, there is a fantastic selection of wines on offer. Now you can stay our comfort upstairs Tony’s Street Bar as well.

Our customer guarantee

Tony’s deli serves delicious Italian food with an unpretentious atmosphere. We have the most abundant antipasto table in town. We’re also proud of our friendly service. It’s nice to come here – and the day continues with a smile on your face.


À la carte

Tony's deli brings Italy to Helsinki

Welcome to enjoy the Italian flavors!
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Tony’s deli’s antipasto buffet  18,90 €
Our antipasto buffet is full of different kind of vegetables, cold cuts, Buffalo mozzarella, parmesan, homemade focaccia bread and also other kind of Italian delicacies. Most of the ingredients are vegan

Gorgonzola gratinated garlic snails (GF, LL) 11,90 €
Lumache all'aglio gratinate con Gorgonzola

Tomato soup with vegan pesto (D, GF, V) 9,50 €

Lemon marinated cold smoked salmon (D, GF) 13,50 €

Air-dried-ham, spicy salami and olive cremé (D, GF) 10,50 €

Asparagus with Hollandaise sauce (LF, GF) 13,00 € / 19,00 €

Tomato, buffalo mozzarella and basil (GF, LL) 9,50 €



Saffron risotto with scallops and pomegranate (GF, LF) 15,00 € / 27,00 €

Boletus and portobello mushroom risotto (GF, LF) 14,00 € / 26,00 €

Fried asparagus risotto balls with Marinara sauce (D, GF, V) 14,00 € / 26,00 €

Asparagus risotto and asparagus (LF, GF) 14,00 € / 26,00 €



Pasta Carbonara with prosciutto and pancetta (LF, ask for a gluten free) 14,00 € / 23,50 €

Spaghetti with pesto, tomato and roasted pine nuts (D, V, ask for a gluten free)  12,00 € / 19,00 €

Pappardelle pasta with Donna's meatballs (L, ask for a gluten free) 14,50 € / 24,00 €

Pasta rolls filled with spinach-ricotta-sun-dried tomatoes and tomato sauce 25,00 €



Hunter's rabbit with polenta and tomato sauce (GF, LF) 21,00 €

Fish of the day, price of the day

200 g of grilled beef sirloin with herb potatoes, asparagus and sage-Hollandaise sauce (GF, LF) 25,00 €

Tony's deli Burger (LL, ask for a gluten free) 21,50 € 
- 200 g of Finnish Black Angus beef patty, roasted focaccia, truffle mayonnaise, tomato and fennel relish, Talleggio cheese, crispy air-dried-ham and rosemary salted French fries

Tony's deli's Vege Burger (LL, ask for a gluten free and vegan) 21,50 €
- Beetroot and quinoa patty, roasted focaccia bread, truffle mayonnaise, tomato and fennel relish, Talleggio cheese and rosemary salted French fries


Our pizza dough is from local Kannisto bakery. They have baked over 100 years. Tomato sauce is home made with lots of fresh herbs and love.

Pizza Bianco Funghi e Mascarpone (LL) 16,00 €
Roasted mushrooms, mascarpone, Buffalo mozzarella, caramelizes onion, truffle oil and arugula

Salmone affumicato e scampi (LF) 18,00 € 
Cold smoked salmon, basil marinated scampi, capers, red onion, sour cream, tomato sauce and cheese

Diavola (LF) 16,00 € 
Spicy salami, fresh salciccia, chili oil, grilled sweet pepper, tomato sauce and cheese

Prosciutto (LL) 16,00 € 
Air-dried-ham, arugula, buffalo mozzarella and semi-dried-tomatoes, tomato sauce and cheese

Vegano (D, V) 16,00 €
Artichoke, semi-dried-tomatoes, zucchini, sweet pepper, eggplant, pesto, olives, tomato sauce and vegan cheese

Tonno e Acciuga (LF) 16,00 € 
Tuna, sardel, capers, garlic, olives, tomato sauce and cheese

Margherita (LL) 14,00 € 
Buffalo mozzarella, tomato sauce and arugula

Pizza Asparagi Bianco (LL) 16,00 € 
Mascarpone, truffle oil, asparagus, air-dried-ham, basil and Buffalo-mozzarella



Tiramisu (L) 9,00 €

Lemon pannacotta with limoncello strawberries (LF, GF) 9,00 €

Chocolate and raspberry cake with meringue (V, D) 9,00 €

Cheese with fig jam (GF) 9,00 €

Italian ice creams and sorbet 5,00 € / scoop

Vanilla (LF, GF)
Pistachio (LF, GF
Toffee (GF)
Vanilla and passion fruit (D, GF, V)
Lemon sorbet (D, GF)

D = dairy free
LL = low lactose
LF = lactose free
GF = gluten free
V = vegan




Lunch buffet is served on weekdays at 11:00 to 14:30.
Buffet price includes salad table, soup of the day, warm dish, bread selection and coffee/tea. Kindly notice that our à la carte menu is not valid on lunch time.
Vegan lunch portion is available every day.

Lunch 15. - 18.4.2019


Lunch buffet
Smoked parsnip soup (L, G) 9,10 €
Minced meat patties and onion sauce with mashed potatoes (L, G) 10,50 €
Oven baked vegetable pasta (V,  M) 10,50 €

Other lunch options
Panzanella, Tuscan style bread salad (VL) 11,00 €
Tomato risotto with caponata (V, M, G) 14,00 €
Lunch pizza with two toppings 14,00 €

As dessert:
Tiramisua 5,00 €
Scoop of ice cream 3,00 €



Lunch buffet
Creamy salmon soup (L, G) 9,10 €
Spicy red pepper and beef stew with seasoned rice (M, G) 10,50 €
Beet root patties, ranch sauce and seasoned rice (L) 10,50 €

Other lunch options
Panzanella, Tuscan style bread salad (VL) 11,00 €
Tomato risotto with caponata (V, M, G) 14,00 €
Lunch pizza with two toppings 14,00 €

As dessert:
Tiramisua 5,00 €
Scoop of ice cream 3,00 €



Lunch buffet
Onion soup (V, M, G) 9,10 €
Roasted salmon in white vine and lime sauce with herb potatoes (L, G) 10,50 €
Vegetable patties with feta and herb potatoes (L, G) 10,50 €

Other lunch options
Panzanella, Tuscan style bread salad (VL) 11,00 €
Tomato risotto with caponata (V, M, G) 14,00 €
Lunch pizza with two toppings 14,00 €

As dessert:
Tiramisua 5,00 €
Scoop of ice cream 3,00 €



Lunch buffet
Pea soup (V, M, G) and pancakes (L) 9,10 €
Minced meat lasagna (VL) 10,50 €
Melanzane (V, M, G) 10,50 €

As dessert:
Tiramisua 5,00 €
Scoop of ice cream 3,00 €

Friday closed - Happy Easter!

M = Dairy free
L = Lactose free
VL = Low lactose
G = Gluten free
V = Vegan

Wine list

From a meal to a symphony

Wine and Italian food complement each other, making dining into a symphony of harmonious flavours. Our wine list consists of our carefully selected favourite wines. We’ve particularly invested in the selection of Italian wines. Our list is updated continuously as we find new gems.


Bio Bio Spumante
Cielo e Terra, Veneto / Italia R: Garganega
Dry, fresh
21,00 € / 75 cl

Voga Sparkling Rosè
Enoitalia,Veneto / Italia R: Pinot Grigio
Semi-dry, fresh
40,00 € / 75 cl

Prosecco Organic Alberto Nani BIO
Enoitalia, Veneto / Italia R: Glera
Dry with nice scidness
7,00 € / 12 cl | 40,00 € / 75 cl

Franciacorta ´61 Satén brut
Guido Berlucchi & C. S.p.A, Lombardia / Italia R: Chardonnay
Rich, dry and crispy
11,00 € / 12 cl | 65,00 € / 75 cl

G.H Martel & CO Prestige Chamagne Brut
G.H. Martel, Champagne / Ranska R: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Meunier
Very dry and elegant
14,00 € / 12 cl | 39,00 € / 37,5 cl


Masi Masianco VEGAN
Masi, Veneto / Italia R: Pinot Grigio, Verduzzo
Dry and fresh with hint of citrus
11,00 € / 16 cl | 27,00 € / 40,00 € | 48,00 € / 75 cl

Mezzo Braccio Riesling 
Tenuta Montelloro, Toscana / Italia R: Riesling Renano
Dry with nice minerality
14,00 € / 16 cl | 35,00 € / 40 cl | 65,00 € / 75 cl

Gewürztraminer Joseph
J. Hofstätter, Alto Adige DOC / Italia  R: Gewürztraminer
Fresh and floral
14,00 € / 16 cl | 34,00 € / 40 cl | 63,00 € / 75 cl

Tará Falerio Pecorino 
JTenuta Cocci Frifoni, Marche / Italia  R: Pecorino, Trebbiano Toscano
Intensive and fresh
10,00 € / 16 cl | 25,00 € / 40 cl | 46,00 € / 75 cl

Miopasso Pinot Grigio 
The Wine People, Sisilia / Italia R: Pinot Grigio
Fresh and fruity
35,00 € / 75 cl

Fontanafredda Pradalupo Roero Arneis
Fontanafredda, Piemonte / Italia
Intensive and silky
55,00 € / 75 cl

La Fuga
Donnafugata, Sisilia / Italia R: Chardonnay
Dry and rich with nice minerality
60,00 € / 75 cl


La Lumera
Donnafugata, Sisilia / Italia R: Nero d´Avola
Fresh and aromatic
13,00 € / 16 cl | 31,00 € / 40 cl | 58,00 € / 75 cl

Zenato Bardolino Chiaretto
Zenato Bardolino Chiaretto Classico DOC, Veneto / Italia R: Corvina, Rondinella, Merlot
Dry, elegant
38,00 € / 75 cl


Masi Campofiorin
Masi, Veneto / Italia R: Corvina, Molinara, Rondinella
Soft and full bodied
12,50 € / 16 cl | 31,00 € / 40 cl | 55,00 € / 75 cl

Peppoli Chianti Classico
Antinori, Toscana / Italia R: Sangiovese, Merlot, Syrah
Tasty acidness and harmonic
13,80 € / 16 cl | 35,00 € / 40 cl | 66,00 € / 75 cl

Fontanafredda Briccotondo Barbera
Fontanafredda, Piemonte / Italia R: Barbera
Medium bodied, elegant
11,00 € / 16 cl | 27,00 € / 40 cl | 49,00 € / 75 cl

San Basso Rosso Piceno
Tenuta Cocci Grifoni, Marche / Italia R: Montepulciano, Sangiovese
Fresh, medium bodied
12,50 e / 16 cl | 31,00 € / 40 cl | 55,00 € / 75 cl

Miopasso Nero D'avola
The Wine People, Sisilia / Italia R: Nero d’Avola
Soft and nice taste of ripe berries
32,00 € / 75 cl

Le Arche Valpolicella Ripasso VEGAN
Le Arche, Veneto / Italia R: Corvina, Rondinella, Molinara
Full bodied wine with spicyness
57,00 € / 75 cl

Prunotto Barbaresco VEGAN
Prunotto, Alba, Piemonte / Italia R: Nebbiolo
Full bodied and velvety
75,00 € / 75 cl

Zenato Amarone
Zenato, Veneto / Italia  R: Corvina Veronese, Rondinella, Oseleta, Croatina
Ripe cherries and dark chocolate
90,00 € / 75 cl


Donnafugata Kabir
Donnafugata, Moscato di Pantelleria DOC, Sisilia / Italia R: Zibibbo
Sweet, fresh and lemony
11,00 € / 8 cl

Nivole Moscato D'asti
Michele Chiarlo, Piemonte / Italia R: Moscato
Sweet and gently sparkling, aromatic
8,00 € / 8 cl


Graham’s Natura Reserve Ruby BIO
Symington Family Estates, Rio Torto / Portugali R: Touriga Nacional, Tourica Franca, Tinta Roriz, Tinta Barocca, Tinta Amarei
Sweet, dark berries, velvety chocolate, strong tannins and long aftertaste
8,00 € / 8 cl






Tony’s deli’s antipasto buffet
200 g of grilled beef sirloin with green pepper sauce and roasted potatoes with herbs (LF, GF)
Fish of the day
Tiramisu (LF)

Wine selection 32,00 €

Mezzo Braccio Riesling 16 cl
Masi Campofiorin 16 cl
Nivole Moscato d'Asti 8 cl



Tomato, buffalo mozzarella and basil (GF, LL)
Pappardelle pasta with Donna’s meatballs (LF, ask for a gluten free)
Licorice pear with balsamic Zabaglione sauce (LF, GF)

Wine selection 30,00 €

Tara Falerio Pecorino 16 cl
Fontanafredda Barbera 16 cl
Donnafugata Kabir 8 cl



Tomato soup with vegan pesto (D, GF, V)
Orecchiette pasta with spicy tomato sauce (D, V, ask for a gluten free)

Chocolate and raspberry cake with meringue (D, GF, V)

Wine selection 21,00 €

Masi Masianco 16 cl
Masi Campofiorin 16 cl


K = classic
D = dairy free
LL = low lactose
LF = lactose free
GF = gluten free
V = vegan



A legendary Italian restaurant

Italian food has been the guiding light of Tony’s Deli since the beginning. Our restaurant, which is located on Bulevardi, has already welcomed gourmets for 20 years – with a cosy ambience, a relaxed Italian atmosphere and dishes made with feeling. In April 2015, we opened an extension at street level, Tony’s Street Bar.

The place where Tony’s Deli is these days was Varma’s staff restaurant and premises for entertaining corporate visitors for a long time. Previously, the Italian restaurant was on the other side of the street at Bulevardi 2.

Craziness in the ’70s

At the end of the ’70s, Spede Pasanen came up with the idea of the Crazy restaurant in the same place, in which Satu Tiivola was the restaurateur. At Crazy, the evening was spent eating and drinking in a sauna, in a prison cell and on a surfboard. In the ’80s, the premises were taken over by the Martina pizzeria chain of Elanto.

Wild goings-on in the ’90s

At the start of the ’90s, things got pretty wild. A businessman from St. Petersburg was found as the restaurateur. There was talk of a restaurant with girls funded by the mafia. It was even claimed that the staff and customers spent most of the time without clothes. Police raids were a weekly event which could already be anticipated. After the striptease restaurant, a rock club started its operation, which served as a place for bands starting out to perform in and as a weekend spot popular with young people.

The winds of Italy and the Mediterranean

Coming into the 2000s, the restaurateurs changed at intervals of two years. Italian and Mediterranean food had already been sold at Bulevardi 7 for six years with variable success under the names of Brothway Bulevardia and Al Vialle. Finally, the restaurant named Taormina was closed when the Greek restaurateur moved back to the shores of the Mediterranean.

To the other side of the street

Since 1995, Tony’s Deli had operated in Bulevardi 2. When the lease contract made by Sikke Sumari and Toni Ilmoni expired after ten years in business, the move to the other side of the street was short for both the entrepreneurs and the customers too.

The main owner of the Ravintolakolmio group, Heimo Keskinen, was involved in the launch of the new Tony’s Deli. In 2207, the complete ownership of Tony’s Deli passed to the Ravintolakolmio group and the restaurant was changed into its current form. Indeed, the Ravintolakolmio group’s more than 30 years of experience in restaurant entrepreneurship has brought stability and sustainability to the operations.